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Composites and online hoaxes: how to tell the difference between real and fake photos

With the advent of digital photography and photo retouching programs available to everyone, photography has lost the innocence with which it originated and has now, at times, become a true tool for manipulation. It is therefore important to understand how to tell the difference between real and fake photos in order to protect ourselves from online hoaxes and always know if what we are looking at are real photos or composites.

The 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant

Have an eatery and wondering how to visually tell its story and describe the cuisine? Well then, you’re in the right place! Here’s our guide on choosing the 7 perfect photos to promote your restaurant.

Where to find photos for online magazines and creating quality content

Whether your online magazine talks about current events or culture or even gossip, the visuals are just as important as the written content. There are two main reasons for this: on one hand, the reader’s eyes tire less when text is interspersed with editorial photos; on the other, words and images are two sides of the same coin that must work together to communicate your magazine’s content in the best way possible.

A good start is half the job done: where to find photos for your blog

So, you’ve decided to start your very own blog but have no idea where to start looking among the tons of online images? In this brief guide we will try to explain where to find photos for your blog and how to choose them in a smart way and set off on the right foot!

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